Thursday, February 9, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

It was the first trip that Rob and I have had away from the boys, and my god we needed it!!!  Nicole turned 30 and Nicola in UK turned 40, what a great excuse to all meet up and what better place than Vegas!!
Vendula watched the boys for the four days along with some of the girls from work who all helped out, that will be the next blog, the boys without their mummy and daddy.

Getting ready to go into minus 5 bar, having a couple of drinks before we go into minus 5 degree temperatures to have cocktails, are we crazy?

We survived minus 5 bar, and all crammed into Irma's car to head to the next bar. Here we are hidden in the trunk, not very responsible i know, but what happens in Vegas .................

Having breakfast in our hotel, and yes Nicole is having chocolate dipped marshmallows, she deserves it after being so good, eating healthy.

Cruising around checking out the sites and sounds of Vegas, you think you have seen it all then you see something else, as the story goes "only in Vegas"

At the top of the stratosphere, four of us did two of the rides at the top, while the other two chickened out and watched in the comfort of the bar. The rides were terrifying but worth every second, what a thrill.

At the Golden Nugget at Old Las Vegas Strip.

Bonnie Springs Ranch at Red Rock Canyon, a great place to go and visit.

It felt like we were in the old times, dirt and all!!!!

We had a great ride through the canyon, cold wind blowing, tumble week blowing, huge cat paw prints, maybe mountain lion tracks!

Nicole, myself and Kyle in a line. Rob was leading the way.

Wonderful experience would do it every day if we could have.

Nicola and Richard in the casino

The three of us girls having fun sightseeing

Last night out, we got together in my room and got ready together with a bottle of wine, false eyelashes and straightening irons!!! Happy 40th Birthday Nicola, and Happy 30th Birthday Nicole

At a lovely French Restaurant opposite the Ballagio fountains

Enjoying wine of course

Nice pout Nicole

Well on our way to drunken happiness

And the rest in history........................

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas time

Christmas Eve

Anderson with his Carrot on Christmas Eve to leave out for the Reindeer

Benjamin with his carrot

And Christopher eating his carrot.

All excited

Christmas Day

Our Christmas was all mixed up as I worked Christmas Eve, Rob worked Christmas Day and we were both off Boxing Day (day after christmas day) Christmas day morning before Rob went into work we opened a few gifts with the boys, gave them and us a preview before the big day. Rob then went into work and Mum and I headed to St Petes Beach with the boys. We took a picnic and had a wonderful day, the weather was perfect and the boys loved every minute of it.
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The day after Christmas Day, Rob got home from the firestation and all was quiet in the house, all three boys still asleep. Rob my mum and I ran around like headless chickens and brought all the gifts downstairs and put them uder the tree ready for the boys waking up, then we sat with a cup of tea waiting!!!! They finally woke up and saw the presents but sat on their beanbags as usual and drank their milk before they looked at anything, their usual routine was a priority obviously. We were all like three children wanting them to get ripping open their gifts. Then slowly but surely they started to open them, it tool all day in the end. What a great day.